1What happens at the initial consultation?
Miss Petrie will meet with you and discuss your needs. She will take a medical history and examine you, in the presence of a chaperone, if necessary. All treatment options will be discussed with you and if surgery is appropriate, the nature of such surgery; whether it will involve local or general anaesthetic, whether it will be performed as an outpatient or inpatient and what the associated risks and complications are will also be discussed. With your permission, medical photographs may be taken. These photographs will be anonymous where possible and the purpose of their use will be discussed with you.
2Where do consultations take place?
Miss Petrie holds consultations at The Manor Hospital, Oxford, Stratum Clinics, Oxford and The Shalbourne Unit, Swindon. More details can be found on our locations page.
3How long will the consultation last?
The length of the consultation depends on the reason for your visit. Initial consultations vary between 30 minutes and 1 hour and follow-up appointments are often shorter.
4What should I bring to my consultation?
You should bring a list of any medications you take and details of any previous medical problems and surgery. It can be helpful to know the names of Doctors you have consulted with in the past and it is important to bring a list of any current allergies you have. It can be helpful to write down the questions you mean to ask (if not covered in the Consultation) as these are easily forgotten at the time of your visit. Finally, it may be helpful to bring a friend or family member. They may help recall some of the details discussed and are very welcome.
5What happens after the consultation?
Following the Consultation, Miss Petrie will send a letter to you (with a copy to your GP, unless you object to this) outlining the discussion. The period following the consultation is an opportunity to reflect on the discussion and our team will look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to make a decision. Occasionally a further consultation may be desired to talk through options further in which case this will be arranged so that you feel fully informed of the facts prior to making any decision about surgery.
6Will I be seen after my operation?
Yes - in most scenarios, Miss Petrie will arrange a consultation to assess your progress, inform you of any results and provide ongoing support and advice. You may have additional appointments with a member of the nursing team to remove sutures or drains and to replace dressings and our team are readily available to answer any queries.
7What is the cost of the consultation?
Details about pricing information can be found on our prices and payments page.