“My focus is on building a doctor-patient relationship based on trust, compassion, transparency and mutual understanding. I believe this to be a fundamental requirement, which must necessarily be in place before any treatment is offered”. Miss Petrie aims to provide a relaxed yet professional environment in which to listen to your individual requirements so that advice can be tailored to your personal circumstances. Nicola takes pride and pleasure in providing a bespoke service believing it to be in the best interest of her patients.

Pursuit of technical excellence

“I believe that high levels of patient satisfaction come from attention to detail, whether that be at the stage of the initial consultation, the technical finesse at the moment of the last stitch or care and attention at your follow-up appointment”. Miss Petrie has built her practice to be layered on a solid framework of evidence-based medicine, adherence to National guidelines & policies, Nicola’s own experience gained from extensive training in her field and her patients' wishes.